How to Wash Your Car with a Car Washer

Step 1: You have to park your vehicle in a place with a large space, which has convenient water source, power supply, and space that is conducive to the use of car washing machines.


Step 2: Place your various car washing tools one by one, from car washing brush, car washing cloth, car washing liquid, car washing gun, etc., connect the car washing gun to the water source and power supply, turn on the faucet, and plug in the power plug .

Step 3: Use the car wash water gun to wash the whole body of the vehicle. Be sure to pay attention to evenness when washing, and also wash away some large dust particles on the car body one by one.

Step 4: Pour car wash liquid and water into the high-pressure watering can connected to the car washing gun. More water and less car washing liquid, subject to a large amount of foam, then connect the high-pressure watering can to the car washing gun, so that the car washing gun starts Enter a stage of spraying foam.

Step 5: After spraying the foam, we remove the high-pressure spray pot, connect the car wash brush, and let the brush rotate to clean the whole car, so that the surface of the car can be cleaned quickly.

Step 6: After brushing the car, remove the car wash brush and replace it with a high-pressure nozzle to let the high-pressure water spray clean the surface of the car, so that the car can be thoroughly cleaned.

Step 7: After the spray washing is completed, we can use the car wash towel to clean the vehicle, so that the new appearance of the vehicle can be presented in front of us. After the car wash cloth is finished wiping the car, we let the vehicle dry naturally. During this process, we can open the door to clean the interior of the vehicle with a vacuum cleaner, so that the internal environment is as clean as the external environment.


Post time: Jan-10-2023